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Murdoch Mysteries: Season 3 (DVD FILM (NON-MUSIC) English)

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Street Date: 5/3/2011
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Sub-titles English SDH
Sub-titles English SDH
Actors Yannick Bisson, Jonny Harris
Language English
Street Date 5/3/2011
Audio English Dolby Digital Stereo
Synopsis With a total of25 Gemini? nominations to its credit, this sharp, sophisticated mystery series features Yannick Bisson (Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye) as William Murdoch, a Toronto police detective at the cutting edge of Victorian science. Together with a forward-thinking pathologist (Gemini? winner H?l?ne Joy, Durham County), he applies revolutionary criminology techniques to crack the toughest cases. This season finds Murdoch making the acquaintance of H.G. Wells, teaming up a second time with Nikola Tesla, investigating art forgery, and using the fledgling science of psychology to out the era's most elusive murderers. Guest stars include Patrick McKenna (The Red Green Show), Lisa Faulkner (Murder in Suburbia), Ashley Leggat (Life with Derek), Sarah Gadon (Being Erica, Happy Town), Dmitry Chepovetsky (ReGenesis), and Peter Keleghan (The Newsroom). Disc 1Episode 1: The Murdoch IdentityA dazed Murdoch wakes up in Bristol, England, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Worse still, it seems he's wanted by British intelligence agents for murder. While evading capture, Murdoch races to reconstruct his memory. Episode2: The Great WallWhen a policeman is murdered in Chinatown, the force wants to pin the blame on an elderly immigrant, but Murdoch isn't sure they have the right man. Risking his reputation, he begins to investigate his colleagues. Episode 3: Victor, VictorianMurdoch and the team are introduced to the complex underworld of Toronto's secret societies after a man dies at a Masonic initiation ritual. Dr. Ogden goes deep undercover in an attempt to discover more about the victim's double life.Episode 4: Rich Boy, Poor BoyA tranquil day in the park turns sinister when Inspector Brackenreid's son is abducted while playing with a friend. The detectives work feverishly to find him before tragedy strikes, but the kidnappers may have made a dangerous error.