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Sword of Honour: Evelyn Waugh's Wartime Epic (DVD FILM (NON-MUSIC) English)

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Street Date: 10/10/2006
Pre-Order Date: 12/17/2015
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Sub-titles General
Actors Daniel Craig, Megan Dodds, Richard Coyle, Leslie Phillips
Language English
Street Date 10/10/2006
Audio English Stereo
Synopsis Thirty-five-year-old Englishman Guy Crouchback returns home from Italy at the start of the war determined to fight the good fight. Horrified by Nazi barbarism and emotionally shattered by a painful divorce, Crouchback eagerly accepts a post with the elite Royal Corps of Halberdiers. But nothing has prepared him for the absurd reality of life in the British army or the return of his irresistibly alluring ex-wife.Based on Evelyn Waugh's semi-autobiographical World War II epic, Sword of Honour stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Munich), Megan Dodds (Love in a Cold Climate), Richard Coyle (Coupling), and Leslie Phillips (Love on a Branch Line). "More powerful and moving by the minute" ?The Times (U.K.) CCDISC 1Part 1Living in northern Italy and still recovering from his failed marriage when war in Europe becomes a certainty, Guy Crouchback hurries home to England. Despite his father's suggestion that a desk job might be more fitting for a man his age, Guy joins an elite fighting force, the Royal Corps of Halberdiers, an experience that opens his eyes to the true nature of high command. As Guy begins his military career, his ex-wife reappears in London. Recently returned from America and divorced from her third husband, blonde bombshell Virginia still attracts men like flies to honey, including Guy.DISC2Part2Now with the Commandos on Crete in a rapidly deteriorating situation, Guy takes over when Major "Fido" Hound cracks under the pressure and disappears. After barely escaping from Crete alive and suffering a further mishap, Guy convalesces in London, where Virginia asks him to help her out of a tight spot and, astonishingly, he agrees. Sent to Croatia to help the British mission to the partisans, Guy sees clearly the injustices carried out on all sides. Jewish refugees stuck in Croatia give him a chance at last to do some good.