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The Great Divide (DVD FILM (NON-MUSIC) )

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Street Date: 4/16/2013
Pre-Order Date: 3/22/2013
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Audio Dolby 5.1 English
Synopsis Tosha Landry, eccentric wife and nucleus of a circle of very ethnically diverse friends, is a student of the ancient Indian teachings of the Tantra and Kama Sutra. One Friday evening at the monthly get-together, Tosha introduces a game she created to complete her studies. The game is designed to elicit feelings and impressions men and women have about each other. The friends divide themselves men against women and play the game. In this comedy, deep hidden secrets surface, conflicting views arise, passions boil over, tempers flare, and a baby is born. All spawning from...The Great Divide.
Language English
Sub-titles General
Street Date 4/16/2013