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Haven - Season 2 (DVD FILM (NON-MUSIC) Bilingual)

SKU: 774212001536
Street Date: 9/4/2012
Pre-Order Date: 7/27/2012
Studio: eONE LABEL
MSRP: $21.99
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Audio General
Actors Emily Rose, Eric Balfour
Language English, French
Street Date 3/4/2014
Synopsis Following the death of the chief, the Biblical Plagues of Egypt fall upon the town. Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan deal with a brunette woman claiming to be Audrey Parker who has appeared at the same time that Evidence Ryan, Duke's ex-wife, returns to Haven. After the Plagues are averted, Nathan discovers that the town's religious fanatic is starting a war. Nathan steps up to fill the position of Interim Chief of Police, while Audrey deals with the possibility that she may, in fact, be Lucy Ripley, and Duke continues to look for a way to save himself from the tattooed man destined to kill him. Audrey becomes involved with Troubled marine biologist Chris Brody, son of the late mayor. Nathan begins to team up with Dwight Hendrickson, his father's righthand man, as Driscoll begins making his move against the Troubled and Audrey and Nathan struggle to keep the peace, and Duke discovers a secret from his past. Audrey finally gets some more information on herself thanks to Nathan, but everything is about to change and Haven will never be the same.