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When They Cry Complete Season 1-3 Collection (BLU-RAY DISC English)

SKU: 816726023014
Street Date: 1/9/2018
Pre-Order Date: 12/1/2017
MSRP: $157.98
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Products specifications
Audio Japanese 2.0 HD with English Subtitles
Sub-titles English
Language Japanese
Synopsis It's hard enough moving to a town where everyone has known each other their entire lives. Ever since Keiichi arrived in the picturesque town of Hinamizawa, he keeps discovering ominous happenings that don't make any sense. Unsolved murders. Disappearances. Mutilations. The worst part is that he can't be sure whether or not his new friends like Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika are aware of the events or involved in what's happening. All he knows is that it's not paranoia if someone really is trying to kill him, and escaping Hinamizawa alive may no longer be an option. All the buried secrets will be revealed, and all the horrors will be unleashed as the entire epic horror series that shocked Japan finally becomes available in the complete collection of WHEN THEY CRY!
Actors Mai Nakahara
Directors Chiaki Kon